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While any business can have a hundred positive reviews on google, one meaningfully written negative Google review can damage your entire brand image. Did you know that a bad review can cost up to 30 customers? It can take up to 12 additional customer reviews to cancel this effect.

Are you scared about this? Yes. However, this does not mean that a business owner should be intimidated, shut down, and completely withdrawn from their Google My Business listing.

Can negative reviews harm your business? Yes, one negative review can damage any brand, but only if handled improperly. Businesses can cushion the setback in their credibility online by taking the right steps. But why bother, you may ask.

Read on to learn why Reputation Management and Google Reviews Management should be a focus point for you and what steps you can take to avoid and combat the daunting threat of a bad review.

Importance of the Google reviews management:

Google Reviews Management has a very important role in customer relationship management. Regardless of whether you get a positive or negative rating, just manage reviews, feedback is always feedback. These insights can help you develop your product or service and improve your relationship with your customers.

Customers, on the other hand, use Google reviews to analyze their insight of your business

Handle and Manage Reviews

Despite your best efforts to maintain a great reputation online, one or two bad apples will definitely slip through. Not everyone may have an excellent customer experience with your service. Some may even have a chip on their shoulder and take it off with a bad rating on your company.

Your first instinct may be panic, but there is nothing to worry about! Here are some tips to keep in mind if you want to manage reviews:

  1. Calm down and evaluate the review
  2. React correctly
  3. Transform your keywords
  4. Request more reviews

So keep an eye on your search results, star ratings, and even the bad ones. By showing your customers that you can handle both good and bad reviews, your business will become the ultimate and reputed winner in the community.

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